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How to Begin Do it Yourself Home Security

Every 15 seconds, burglars utilize doors and windows to break into someone's home, costing homeowners an average of $13,000. There are several do it yourself home security ideas that can prevent this from happening to you. This article will tell you how.

Do it yourself home security begins with replacing window locks with sturdier locks and installing magnetic sensors on your doors and windows. There are also glass breaking sensors to consider.

The best type of exterior door to have is a wooden door with a thickness of at least 1 ¾ “. The door should fit tight not leaving more than 1/8“ between the door and door jam. Install a wrought Irion security door in front of exterior door give you extra security

All of your doors should be kept locked at all times with dead bolts. If your door has a glass window, use the lock that requires a key on both sides. Otherwise the burglar could break the window to get to the latch. You could replace glass with break resistant plastic or install a grill on the inside. You should secure your deadbolt with 3” screws, installing the strike plate in a stud not the door jam

You can purchase sliding glass doors to increase sliding doors security. If you have French doors, use slide rod locks at the top and bottom of the door. Dome switch is another security option.

Burglar alarms are either hard wired system or a wireless system. Hard wired is less expensive but you will have to hassle with wiring. The wireless uses radioactive signal making it easier to use.

Do it yourself home security can include motion detectors. This type of system monitors though the use of radio energy, or sound waves reflection. A broken reflection triggers the alarm.

You can install wireless CCTV cameras on the exterior of your home. They monitor and record the area. Some send images to a web address, which notifies you if problem arises. Security cameras you should be set the in areas that are difficult to see.

Do it yourself home security begins with replacing window locks, adding magnetic sensors, dome switches and installing wireless CCTV cameras and anti-burglar systems such as ADT Home Security Systems. Another way to protect your belongings is by replacing standard pet flab with radio active ones. Placing security signs where they are clearly visible, exterior doors, windows, and curbs increase your and your family’s safety even more.