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Who’s Going To Let The Dog Out? When Emboldened Behavior Should Be Fostered – AMG

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Is your dog showing signs of being extremely shy and easily scared? Well, if you have a toy dog breed, this is very typical of them. But regardless of breed, you must help your dog act brave and stand up in the presence of an intimidating animal or figure.

If you tolerate your puppy’s behavior, he will end up as a dog who will be constantly seeking your presence. You will have to do so many things for your dog. For human beings, this is just like being always insecure and unsure of what to do, unable to decide from small to major decisions.

Ironically, if you caress and soothe your puppy every time she demonstrates frightened behavior and extreme shyness, you are only reinforcing these tendencies. It sounds hard to do, but you must ignore your shy, scared puppy every time she needs you in order to change her behavior and help her become a bold, social animal. Your dog needs to develop a “stiff upper lip,” and a sturdy snout!

Transforming your shy puppy

The path to transforming your puppy might be long and hard to go through, but you must assure them that you will be guiding all throughout the way. Be a parental figure that seeks to expose them into the harsh realities of the world.

Here are some tips:

Be sure to inform everybody who is a constant presence to ignore your puppy when they bark to signal their ‘frightened state’. Tell them not to mind when the puppy is crying. When there is no other choice but to face the ‘frightening situation’, your puppy will develop a strong character. You will also have to train them properly for them to become more confident of themselves.

When you have guests who will be coming over and your puppy doesn’t know these people, your pet might feel frightened and just cry and hide. Get a leash and include your dog in the socialization process. That way, they will not be afraid of strangers anymore. It might take some time, but these tips are certainly effective.

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Portuguese Water Dog Training: Essential Tips for Successful Training

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Have you been thinking about training your portuguese water dog? Do you know what to do so that you can effectively do portuguese water dog training? Perhaps you are among the many enthusiastic pwd owners who are looking for handy tips and tricks for a more enjoyable and rewarding dog training endeavor. Well, worry no more because listed here are the most essential portuguese water dog training ideas that could surely help you succeed:

1. Know what your portie exclusively needs. Study about your own dog.

Remember that the more you know about your own pwd pet, the less complicated it gets to complete various training courses and activities. Therefore, make it a point that you completely understand what your dog calls for. You have to be cognizant of its inclinations, habits and natural behaviors; particularly those that could put you in trouble. You should be knowledgeable about its personality and skills. Moreover, it’s a good idea if you’re able to understand your portie’s body language.

2. Begin basic obedience training and proper socialization the instant you can.

Indeed, it’s always clever that you start training your portuguese water dog immediately. The sooner you can train your portie, the more beneficial results you can get. You will surely have fun raising a rather obedient, friendly and responsible pet. Just be sure that you do things right, particularly with regards to socialization. Otherwise, behavior problems might develop. Besides, portuguese water dog training may take some time. Thus, it’s best to start early.

3. Opt for a reward-based or praise-based kind of dog training. Punishments shouldn’t be employed; instead, learn how to reprimand your dog in the right manner.

Porties work better if acknowledged and taken care of competently. Hence, there’s no need for unpleasant methods of training; inappropriate corrective measures such as hitting or scolding don’t even work. So rather than trying to hurt your dog just to make him learn his lessons, go for the aid of positive reinforcements such as praise and rewards. In this manner, your dog gets to trust and respect you as his master. You can also build a positive relationship with your pet.

4. Always take the lead. Make it a point that you’re not allowing or stimulating dominance and aggression.

Dogs are pack animals; they require a good leader to guide them through. For this reason, do your part as the alpha dog and/or the pack leader. Show and implement discipline by implementing house rules and obedience commands. Don’t become the trigger of a number of behavior problems. Instead, inculcate positive behaviors so as to stay away from many unwanted habits.

5. Keep your dog busy, active and fit. Be consistent with your portuguese water dog training routines. Otherwise, you will have to constantly contend with a troublesome pet.

Inconsistency is the major trigger of failure in any dog training endeavor. Therefore, see to it that you be motivated and disciplined enough to perform consistent training routines. Make sure that you implement coherent obedience commands and that you do regular training sessions. Otherwise, confusion might take place. Your portuguese water dog might also lose desire in doing various training activities with you. So, how are you going to achieve success?

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Health Concerns – Dog Allergies and Dog Food

Friday, May 20th, 2011

If your dog is susceptible to a lot of these dog food allergies and you find that he is persistently scratching and has diarrhea and sickness on a common basis then it could be that he wants to have his food changed to a far more healthier version known as Hypoallergenic Dog Food there are many varieties which you can get now for your dog.

Several folks are now realizing how bad these commercial dog foods are for our animals when they include by goods, artificial flavors, dyes and chemicals that actually make our dogs sick. In numerous of the Hypoallergenic Dog Food you might obtain none of these ingredients and they’re 100% secure to feed to your animals.

Not only are these unsafe ingredients discovered in dog foods but also in the treats that we give to our dogs, that these businesses have also included this on their long list of goodies for your dogs. Although some people today worry about the cost problem in relation to changing from 1 dog food to an additional, this type of healthy dog food can make out dogs life so a lot greater.

They save our dogs from having to go by means of the trauma that is attached to dog food allergies when they are continuously itching and make their coats on their bodies sore with scabs, or they’re continually suffering from diarrhea and sickness this can leave your dog feeling irritable, but with a Hypoallergenic Dog Food which is made out of absolutely nothing but natural ingredients and all of the generate that’s utilized in these are organically grown so you know that what they eat is 100% safe.

This kind of dog food also makes sure that they obtain healthy gums at the same time, and there are plenty of unique varieties to select from which consists of such issues like Lamb and Rice, Venison and Apple and a lot of more flavors to choose from for your Hypoallergenic Dog Food and there are no artificial preservatives employed in these kinds of dog food.

Although they are able to be rather pricey it does mean that your dog is going to get the really finest diet plan that he can have and never need to suffer again from these terrible dog food allergies that are associated with commercial dog foods. He will instead obtain a quality dog food where he will regain his vitality and give him the correct amount of vitamins and minerals he wants for a healthy diet.

There are lots of web sites that you can uncover across the world wide web nowadays that specialize in just Hypoallergenic Dog Food and also dog treats for your dog and they start about $7.89 for a tin of dog food, or a bag is priced at about $48.99 depending on the size of the bag, and also the business you pick to use for your dog food items. They use only the finest of goods for promoting your dog’s general health that you simply will in no way need to use a commercial dog food ever once again, or see your dog suffer unnecessarily.

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The Dos and Dont’s To Consider In Portuguese Water Dog Training

Friday, May 20th, 2011

There are numerous dos and don’ts to think of if you want to be successful in portuguese water dog training. You need to remember these ideas as they could surely serve you well when training a highly-spirited and vibrant pet like the portuguese water dog. Failure to apply these dog training dos and don’t might lead to failure as well as various sorts of accidents and problems. Hence, make portuguese water dog training fun and productive through the following guidelines:

Do spend quality time with your dog. Build a good relationship with your portie.

The more you bond with your water dog, the more devoted and respectful your pet grows to be. For that reason, make sure that you can spend some time with your portie; not just during your training sessions, but also whenever possible. Always accommodate his necessities and don’t forget to pamper him as much as you can. Teach obedience and other positive traits by treating and training your water dog well. Refrain from making your pet a spoiled brat; rather, make it obvious who the boss is without having to force discipline and authority. Be reasonably-affectionate.

Don’t ignore proper socialization. Start socializing your pet whenever you can.

Portuguese water dogs need to be socialized thoroughly. Otherwise, they might end up misbehaving or doing unacceptable things such as chasing people, barking at random people, jumping on people and being hostile toward other dogs. Basically, proper socialization will teach your portie proper means of conduct. This way, he will know how to socialize with other people and pets, especially if you want to carry out outdoor portuguese water dog training activities. The earlier you can socialize your dog, the more well-mannered he gets to be.

Do exercise your portie. Put together interesting and beneficial activities or games.

Portuguese water dogs tend to be very hyperactive; especially if not granted sufficient exercise and training. This is why it’s truly important to keep your water dog active and busy. Or else, infuriating habits could take place. You might have to contend with digging and furniture chewing habits in addition to several other behavior problems. So, do your best to initiate interactive training games and activities. Make every dog training session fun and beneficial.

Don’t delay proper crate training, potty training and leash training.

If possible, start crate and potty training while your dog is still a puppy. Nevertheless, make certain that your portie has carried out the basics of obedience training before attempting to do other portuguese water dog training lessons and courses. This way, you won’t have a difficult time managing your pet, particularly during leash training. Evidently, a crate-trained, potty-trained and leash-trained dog is more trustworthy, well-behaved and obedient.

Do exercise patience and consistency. Be a well-informed and well-prepared pack leader.

Training a portuguese water dog is seldom difficult if you have all the very best and most applicable dog training tools and information. Hence, make it a point that you are fully cognizant of your portie’s qualities along with his specific needs. You should also integrate appropriate training tools and equipment. Furthermore, consistency is the best way to help your water dog master all the lessons and commands that you want him to master.

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How To Open Your Above Ground Pool

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Every spring brings that time: time to open your above ground pool for the swimming season of summer. It has been a cold, hard winter, and it feels like so long ago that your pool was open and the water was glistening. This easy guide will get your above ground pool open and going in no time at all.

1. Begin by siphoning off any water that may be laying atop the pool’s cover. if you plan to use an electric suck pump, it is a good idea to put a plastic frisbee or similar item between the pump and the cover.

2. Carefully remove any twigs and other debris from the top of the cover.

3. Disconnect and take off the cover cable from the ratchet.

4. Disconnect any cover clips and water tubes.

5. Remove the cover slowly. Be careful not to let any debris that is atop the cover slip into the pool as you pull the cover off.

6. Take off the pillow by untying its string. Deflate the pillow.

7. Take out any leaves and sticks or other debris from the pool with a skimmer or a leaf net.

8. Expect the water level to be low. This occurs due to ice, evaporation, and water displacement.

9. The water level may be low. Add more. It is imperative that the water level be at half-skimmer. This will be the water level to maintain throughout the pool season.

10. Check your skimmer, pump, and filter to make sure that they are in proper working condition.

11. Install your pump onto its base. Secure it with two pump mounting screws.

12. Attach the ground wire to the pump.

13. Put the filter onto the base.

14. Check to be sure that all rubber o-rings are well-lubricated and not worn out.

15. Tightly attach the union between the pump and the filter.

16. Securely connect the filter hose from the skimmer to the pump.

17. If you plan to use a chlorinator, attach the return hose from the chlorinator to the filter. Then, connect the return hose to the outlet.

18. Be sure that all hose clamps are tight.

19. Be certain that the lid cover on the pump is secured tightly.

20. Take off the winter plug from the return fitting using the removal tool. Then take off the aquadoor, or ice-plate, from the skimmer.

21. Be certain that every screw on the skimmer is tightened.

22. Attach the eyeball return piece. Be sure that the fitting parts are all assembled before you install them. Once they are installed, be sure to point the fitting downward.

23. Install the skimmer weir and skimmer basket.

24. If your pool if in or against a deck, install the ladder into the flanges on the surface of the deck. If your pool does not have a deck, install the A-frame ladder. If you will be using drop-in stairs, first put bags of sand into the stair unit, then submerge the stairs in the water. Attach the handrail into the stair’s or deck’s flange.

25. Make sure that each electrical connection is grounded.

26. Power on the filter system.

27. If you have a DE filter, add the required amount of DE. Expect to ‘bump’ your filter multiple times during the initial 24 hours of operation.

28. If you use a cartridge filter, make sure to install the filter cartridge.

29. If you use a sand filter, make sure to insert the drain plug into the tank. Make sure that your filter is properly filled with filter sand. Filter sand should be replaced at least every two years.

30. Backwash the filter.

31. Power off the pump.

32. Move the the handle of the valve to the position marked ‘filter’ and turn the pump on.

33. Don’t vacuum your pool for at least 24 hours.

Now you are done. You may now swim in the pool. Have fun and enjoy the water.

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Bidawee: Pet Shelter For More Than 100 Years

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

One of the longest running pet adoption centers is the bidawee group. They have existed for more than 100 years. Amazingly, all of their rescued pets become house trained to a certain degree. This training depends on the pet’s background. As much as Bidawee would like to give the pets a real home to provide warmth and shelter for them. Ther are some older pets who might be staying for a longer time in the Bidawee.

Giving The Unattractive Pet A Home

At Bideawee there are many animals that may seem unadoptable, but yet will eventually find a home.

- Tootsie, a 5 year old dog has become an experiment in a chemistry lab. This caused her to look horrible, but it is evident that she looked very pretty before. Upon losing her former glamour, Tootsie is still waiting for kind people who will look after her.

Junior, a 4-year-old male mixed spaniel, and a handsome fellow too, has spent months at Bideawee growing more and more despondent as the days go by.

But although it may seem to us that these ugly looking pets won’t ever get adopted, they do get adopted and eventually do because of the staff’s encouraging words that touch the future owners who visit the Bidawee. These pets show an affection towards their owners that cannot be matched by the good looking ones. Maybe since they are aware that they are loved despite their physical unattractiveness.

What can we do to aid Bidawee

The bottom line is that Bideawee is in desperate need of help. More than volunteer work, more than donations, Bideawee needs you to adopt a pet! These animals – whose only crime is to be unwanted – need loving and understanding new homes, homes with people who will show them once again how to enjoy life. How to dream. How to fly. How to overextend their financial credit.

While many critics of such shelter systems bemoan the fact that it is indeed just as cruel to keep an animal in a cage for a long period of time as it is to destroy it, Bideawee claims that it provides a service of inestimable value to those people who cannot condone taking the life from an otherwise healthy animal merely because they are allergic to it or their landlord says not pets are allowed. Plus, it is just as cruel to keep a human confined to a tiny “cage” but no one intervens in behalf of people who work in small office cubicles!

Apparently, after what Bidawee has done, it cannot please everyone. But for the many people who share the same thoughts as the Bidawee, it is always good to care for the animals since they are creatures of God too!

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Treating Canine Cancer: Finding The World’s Best Cancer Center – AMG

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

I’m pretty sure that you feel obscurely down after knowing that your dog has cancer. But don’t feel so down since there are places like the Angel Care Center, a cancer treatment facility for dogs in Carlsbad, California. This treatment center is among the best in the world.

In the arena of veterinary cancer treatment, this medical facility has been said to have better medical equipments than the many human cancer facility clinics. We shouldn’t wonder if there are people who might dress up in dog suit to seek treatment in this facility center.

The Latest Canine Cancer-Fighting Evidence

Presently, the Angel Care Center has released a booklet to inform the people of the latest supplements that can assist in treating your dog’s cancer. The Omega 3 fatty acids, which have been famed for human’s cancer prevention, can apparently also aid the dog’s cancer prevention as well. It will be capable of doing the following:

1) Inhibit the growth and development of tumors. By the way, with certain strange looking breeds, you may think that the ugly bulbous growth protruding from the front of the body is a large tumor, when it fact it is just the animal’s head.

2) Decrease the quantity of poisoning during radiation treatment yet still enhancing the efficiency of the treatment plans.

The training booklet persists that the most effective resource for DHA when it comes to cancer reducing is algae, and not fish. This is because present day fish happen to be infected by heavy metals (such as mercury), heavy metal bands (including Quiet Riot and Ratt), as well as organophosphates (pesticide chemicals) in the liquid.

Shopping for Algae-Based DHA

You can begin your hunt of this DHA algae supplement by going to an organic store. You can also try out your local pharmacy and health stores.

Small pets are advised to get about 200 mg., once daily. Medium-sized domestic pets ought to receive identical dosage, but twice a day. Much larger breeds should get 200 mg thrice daily. And then for those super-large dog breeds, 200 mg 4 times everyday is essential.

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Burying The Dog That You Love So Much

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

As most dogs last a decade or more with us, they become an important part of our lives and members of our family, and the thought of them not being here with us anymore can be too much to handle. Unfortunately, your dog’s passing is an inevitable reality. And while planning for your pet’s final resting place is something you would probably prefer not to do, it is wise to decide early on which option is best for you. In other words, the choice of memorial should be handled long before your dog passes.

Below are some suggestions on how to lay our beloved pet to rest:

Pet Cemetery

There are specific locations for these pets and is usually a serene area that looks also very similar to a human’s memorial park. There are some people who even choose to be buried with their pets. There is a very popular one in New Jersey that has been in existence for 40 years already.

There are two questions that you should ask before deciding on a pet cemetery:

- Is the property going to exist for a long time? If not, then you might just be wasting your money over something that will be sold to another land developer. Making sure that the pet cemetery will indeed be present until you are old is a relief. You can visit your dog anytime you like and remember the happier days.

- Is there a maintenance fee that needs to be paid for in a regular basis? You would naturally want to make sure that your dog’s burial area will be kept properly. By this, you won’t feel like going to some eerie looking place each time you visit.


Three types of pet cremations are available:

- Individual cremation – only your dog will be cremated. The ashes will be given to the owners of the dog.

2. Private cremation: Several pets are cremated but kept in separate chambers so that the ashes can be returned to the right family. To be honest, even if you got the wrong dog’s ashed you probably wouldn’t notice.

3. Common cremation: Includes several pets and the ashes are not returned.

The crematory must show their facility to you for you to know how the whole process is done. They must also give proper instruction what to do with the returned ashes. They should not be made as a garden fertilizer.

Body disposal – your vet will ask for a small fee for him to personally discharge the body. The bodies end up as being incinerated or in a landfill. This is a safe way to ensure that the bacteria from your dead pet’s body will not spread.

Backyard burial – You can personally facilitate this but you must first check out the regulations set by your community for this.

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Canine Early Education – Sending Your Young Pup Off To School (Part 4)

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Most training courses teach something called “social handling,” which might sound like thinking up your dog’s name on Myspace or Facebook, but which really means the dog’s physical handling. Dogs that are handled often and gently learn to accept being touched. Looking inside the ears, touching the teeth, and handling the paws and toenails is part of this process and is essential for grooming, which includes combing, brushing, and checking for fleas, ticks, burrs and tangles in the hair. Unlike humans, however, your dog won’t insist on going to a highly expensive beautician.

By teaching your puppy to sit and stay at an open door or gate, you can prevent your puppy from running through that opening to the outside world, perhaps escaping permanently or getting hit by a car. When your puppy learns to sit for petting, he will probably no longer jump on others.

Usually, it is the daily activities that causes some points for concern but there are solutions to this. Potential issues regarding the puppy and the family should also be tackled in the course, and this includes inconsistent training at home

Look For The Best Puppy Training Available

Ask around. To find the best puppy trainer, don’t hesitate to ask you neighbors and owners of dogs you know are well trained. Chances are, people will be thrilled to be talking about their pet and will give you a lot of useful tips as well.

Your local veterinarians can also be a good source of information. Since they often encounter different dog personalities, they more or less have information regarding dog trainers in your area.

After you have gathered some data, start calling the trainers one by one to do you inquiry. Ask where the classes are held. did they take measures to ensure the safety of the puppies? When is the best time to do training and which shots do they require?

It would be great if they would allow you to observe a class. Watch how the trainer conducts the class and how the students react. Do you think you and your dog would enjoy this class?

As you watch, remember that every trainer and instructor has his or her own training techniques and style. Some trainers use clickers; others use positive methods, such as food treats but no clickers; and some use other methods entirely. You must choose what feels right for you and your dog.

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Dog-Cycling: Bicycling With Your Dog – AMG

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

If you are fond of cycling, or just own a simple bike, and have a habit of cycling, then you might consider having dogs that are built for speed such as the Afghan Hound, Saluki, or the Greyhound. They can run as fast as 45 mph and can cope with you while you are enjoying your sport. Mostly, the dogs like running around and if you have a breed that cannot run as fast, you always have the option of slowing down for them.

Bike Rides Can Be Safe

If you usually ride your bicycle around town or in your neighborhood, it won’t be difficult for your dog to keep up with you. The safest way to handle such a ride is to keep him on a lead. Products such as the Springer and the Walkie dog keep both your hands on the handlebars while giving you the ability to keep your dog on leash at the same time. If you ride a bike without ever holding the handlebars, perhaps you should enroll yourself in the circus. These aforementioned products can be easily mounted under the bike seat and offer protection and comfort for both you and your dog.

Problem With Distraction?

In this case, you must make sure that your dogs are well trained by having some basic verbal commands such as “off” or “leave it”. You might also want your dog to have a snack after having a good run with you.

Don’t Forget The Basic Commands

If you like to do trail riding, your dog will likely find this activity an extra special treat. With a little basic training, your dog can be the best mountain biking companion. And if your dog happens to be extra tough, you can even teach him to fight off mountain lions, grizzly bears and rattlesnakes. There are many mountain biking spots that you and your buddy can go where dogs run free without a leash, such as along the trails of a National Forest, as long as you can keep your dog under your control and under voice command. Therefore, practice the “Heel!” and “Come!” commands until you are confident that your dog is able to obey you 100% of the time. Also, when you have an accident, crash and tumble head over heels off the trail, won’t it feel nice to have Rusty nearby, nudging you and licking your face?

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