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The Importance of Auto Theft Coverage

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

What’s worse than experiencing auto theft? Finding out your Texas car insurance policy doesn’t fully cover your loss or out-of-pocket expenses. Because a vehicle theft occurs at least twice each minute in the United States, at an estimated total cost of $6.4 billion last year, it is important to think about auto theft and check up on your coverage.

To help you avoid the pain of auto theft not just once – in the initial theft – but twice – when you have an insurance problem – the Council of Better Business Bureaus and the Insurance Information Institute have teamed up with a program called Wiser Drivers Wise Up to address both vehicle theft prevention and what to do if your car is stolen or in an accident. Here are their top tips:

1. Get extra insurance protection

Your manufacturer-installed vehicle theft protection might not be enough; experienced and determined thieves can disable these systems. Aftermarket vehicle anti-theft systems are usually more sophisticated and are worth paying a professional to install. Texas auto insurance companies often give discounts on policies for people who have taken extra steps to ensure that their car is safe from thieves.

2. Don’t assume that your car will be unwanted by thieves

Don’t think your old clunker is safer than a shiny new model, or that a luxury sedan is more attractive to thieves than a less expensive model. Older vehicles are usually stolen for their parts, which are no longer being manufactured; newer cars are stolen for their popularity. In recent years, cars that have been glamorized in pop culture, like the Cadillac Escalade , have put it on many “most stolen” lists.

The most stolen car of the past 5 years are mid-90s Honda models. Statistics report that 8 of the 10 most stolen cars were made in 2000 or earlier. A big reason for this is because older cars have rare parts. And rare part makes more money for thieves and chop shops – where they sell them for high profits. Part of this has to do with the locks and keys. These type of older Honda models have similar ignitions, making them easy to access if you have the right key or one that’s been made to fit.

Your Texas auto insurance company knows these statistics and will take them into account when writing your policy. If you drive car that is statistically stolen often, consider a new car or make sure that you are adding safety features to avoid paying more on your auto insurance.

3. Check your current insurance policy

Most people assume that their Texas auto insurance includes theft coverage. It is worth double checking to make sure you are covered; only some policies cover theft, the best bet is to have a comprehensive policy that will keep you covered. Take a close look at your policy to see if you are covered for a replacement rental car if your car is stolen, and if there’s a waiting period before you’re allowed to rent a car. Many people don’t elect the rental car coverage, but it costs only a few dollars a month. A year’s worth of replacement rental coverage usually costs less than renting a car for a day or two.

Be sure to include a roadside assistance plan in your coverage. Your Texas insurance company will offer a roadside assistance plan for very few dollars per month, or you can go through an outside company, something like AAA or even your automaker. Explore the details of your insurance coverage. Find out about your towing coverage; are you covered for a tow to any mechanic, or only a dealer’s service shop? Are both towing and labor costs covered?

4. Be prepared; know your basic information

Contact police immediately if you discover your car has been stolen. Speed is essential to recovering stolen cars, since any delay means your car is more likely to be in a chop shop or driven out of town. Besides knowing the make, color and model of your car, but you also should know the license plate number and vehicle identification number (VIN). Keep a copy of those identifying numbers and your insurance card in your wallet, and keep a photocopy of your registration and insurance card at home, so you can provide information quickly to both law enforcement and insurance claims agents.

Even though today’s cars include so many fancy safety and anti-theft features, you still have to be on your guard against theft. Always park in well-lit areas or places where there is a lot of foot traffic. If you park in a lot, don’t park in a remote corner away from other cars, this makes your vehicle a more likely target for thieves. More than one-third of all vehicle thefts occur at a home or residence. Always lock your car, even in your own driveway, and park in the light on the street or driveway or in your homes garage.

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Good Auto Loan Washington DC Tips For First Time Buyers

Friday, September 21st, 2012

There are many factors that come into play when one it comes to buying a car. Age and status do not feature in that list. It goes without saying that having a car is almost a basic requirement for every American. As a result, it is important that you know how to go about the process of getting an auto loan Washington DC.

It is a fact that most of the vehicles are often purchased with the help of loans. Very few people can afford to buy a car without taking out such a facility. At the same time, it does not make a lot of economic sense to opt for one hundred percent payment even if one can afford to do so. From the perspective of investment, it makes little sense to tie down your money when somebody else can finance it at a small cost.

The economic savvy types will tell you that it does not make much sense to have capital tied up in one investment. This is especially so when the returns cannot be realized immediately. Well, one may argue that there is no interest paid therefore it is much cheaper. However, on the flip side, when you take what else could have been achieved with the same resources, all of a sudden, the interest becomes a very cheap affair.

Due to various reasons, there has been a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to asset financing. There has been a lot of distortion of facts that has led to this appearing like an exercise in futility. The reality on the ground is different. If one is prudent in the manner that this facility is used, the end result can be quite rewarding.

The common denominator is the fact that they are all buying a unit with auto loans for the first time. Despite this leeway for anyone to apply, there is a set criteria that one needs to meet if you are to get a realistic chance of getting an approval. This is in a bid to ensure that the financial investment that the bank is or financial institution is making is secure.

At the top of the list is your source of income. The job that you do does matter a great deal. One must provide sufficient evidence that they are gainfully employed to qualify. One of the easiest ways of going about this is by producing your pay slips. Those who are self employed may need to use alternative forms of proof like bank or tax statements. The simple reason behind this is that one will be in a position to make the monthly payments promptly.

Often, the first indicator that is considered is your source of income. If one is in a position to demonstrate that they have some stable income, you are well on your way to get an approval. However, it does not stop there. This income should be falling within a certain bracket. In most cases, it is expected to be sufficient to cover the monthly installments that one will be expected to pay.

Having a good income carries a lot of weight when it comes down to determining if an individual qualifies for consideration to benefit from the auto loan Washington DC. Uninterrupted payments can only be made if one is earning enough to sustain themselves and still have something left over to pay for the installments that are required each month.

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Learn Your Choices Concerning Purchasing A House

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Buying your first house is a challenging process, particularly if you have to undergo complex ways needed to apply for and get any kind of funding. There are a variety of mortgage choices and loans available in today’s housing market.

Option 1: Banks And Credit Unions Offer Conventional Mortgages

If you’re a part of a credit union or have used exactly the same bank for your family’s financial needs for any time period, you could apply for a mortgage through that institution. When you have good credit and have held current with any other loans you have with them, you must be provided several options for mortgage loans that have reasonable terms.

Choice 2: Borrowing From Family

This is an extremely informal method to finance real estate, but a lot of first home buyers turn to parents or other loved ones for assist with a down payment or in some cases, the entire cost of a brand new house. Some parents will take out a reverse mortgage or an equity loan against the cash value of their own home in order to have the money required for their children to buy a home. If you opt to borrow from family members, make sure to put it all on paper so that both you and your parents are protected.

Option 3: Home Loans From Builders

One of the best techniques for first house buyers to pay for a brand new house is to deal with a building contractor who is affiliated with a recognized loan company. They will work with you to put together home loans that suit your budget by determining what kind of financing you qualify for and what your monthly payments will be. Simply because they provide a number of different home loans, well-known building companies can offer competitive rates of interest and unique payment plans that work particularly well for first house purchasers and people who might not have a solid credit history.

Choice 4: Rent To Own

When you have no cash for a deposit and you don’t want to immediately commit to a mortgage payment, you may be able to negotiate a rent to own plan. This is a great choice for households with no credit or bad credit because you don’t have to put up any collateral and you aren’t fully committed for the first several years. This is essentially a contract between the seller and the tenant with the tenant’s rent payments being credited toward purchase down the line.

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Mirabay Homes – A Great Opportunity to Live in a Private and Secure Neighborhood

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Families hoping to settle down in Central Florida and want an inexpensive waterfront property should consider purchasing a home in Apollo Beach, which is only a four hour drive from Miami, Jacksonville and Palm Beach and located between Tampa and Sarasota. It has a variety of homes consisting of villas, single family and waterfront mansions. Those looking for a serene life will be able to experience the ideal community life made even more exciting with all amenities such as fitness and recreation centers found within reach, making it the perfect place to reside.

Mirabay offers an exciting housing opportunity in all of its 750 acres spread. It presents a gated community with staffed gatehouses, and 24/7 monitored security to ensure a safe community for your family. Its range of impressive amenities includes a 10,000 square-foot clubhouse that is overlooking a charming lagoon, giving you a venue perfect for socials and recreational activities. The area is also located less than five miles to South bay Hospital, making round-the-clock emergency and health care available for a wide range of inpatient or outpatient cases.

Outdoor enthusiasts will no doubt be delighted with the amenities like swimming, boating, fishing and golfing is pursued with great enthusiasm. Mirabay is famous for its catch of bass and redfish that can be caught from strategic fishing spots in the area while those interested in boating will be happy to know they can gain access to boat decks in their backyards. Young swimmers will be thrilled with swimming facilities they have been provided with including a junior Olympic lap pool, a children’s pool, as well as poolside cafes and decks to lounge in after a hectic session in the water.

Joining the big league? Nearby gold courses such as the Robert Trent Jones Jr. course as well as the Apollo Beach Golf Club gives you a private to semiprivate golfing options with membership privileges. Also, the world headquarters for the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy is nearby.

There are no limitations for leisure and fitness opportunities. The fitness center allows you to work out with nothing but top of the line Nautilus Nitro fitness equipment with the lovely view of the long beach and lagoons. You may also sign up for a full calendar of yoga and other popular fitness classes. There outstanding selection of supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants and other commercial services anchors a metropolitan community minus the hustles and bustles of a true city. Aside from the appealing list of beaches nearby, an exciting mix of urban and tourist like pleasures are given by its fine selection of museums, performing arts venues, theme parks and the magnificent Florida Aquarium.

If you drive around and look at Mirabay homes you will understand why it’s considered one of the safest places for a family to live in while providing you with all the required facilities including social and recreational. Furthermore, residents will also be entitled to membership privileges and many other special benefits exclusive to the residents in the community. For those thinking of investing in a home in the vicinity of Apollo Beach, this is the best time to do so with home prices being at an all time low.

About the author: Lance Mohr is an authority on the Tampa real estate market with more than 18 years of experience as a Realtor and mortgage banker. If you have any questions or are looking for a professional Realtor give me a call. For more information on homes in Odessa or homes in Northdale go to at

All About UK Window Tax The History Of An Ancient Taxation System

Monday, August 20th, 2012

This piece of writing that could be titled UK window tax the history of an ancient taxation system discusses a tax that used to be imposed in ancient Britain. The basis of this mode of taxation was the count of the windows exposed on any premise. Income tax was initially the favored mode of taxing people but it was heavily criticized. Individuals were supposed to reveal their total earnings for their amount of income tax to be adjudged something critics vehemently opposed on the grounds that it breached privacy.

As a consequence, to counteract the objections leveled against income tax this new tax was introduced. The rationale behind it was that the window count on a building was a mark of the opulence of the owner of the building. Proponents argued that individuals with bigger incomes were more likely to own bigger buildings with many windows. This they argued would be a more convenient method of taxing individuals without infringing on their privacy.

This system of taxation ensures progression of tax paid by individuals.This method was the brainchild of King William in Britain. It provided a means of raising the much needed public credit. When it was introduced, it consisted of two parts. The first part was a flat rate of two shillings per house. This is approximately eleven pounds in current terms. The second part was a variable component that varied based on the number of windows above ten windows.

The flat rate which stood at two shillings for every building was unavoidable. Every property owner had to pay this amount. This was the theoretical minimum amount any building owner would be expected to pay.

Due to the tax burden that came along with window tax, individuals devised methods of avoiding it. The most common method of achieving this when this tax system was still practiced was to cover some windows in a fully constructed building with bricks. This had the positive effect of lowering the number of windows on a building and effectively reducing the amount of tax due from the owner of the building. This was the most viable method of reducing this tax. The bricks used in concealing some of the windows were removed as the owners wished.

Some individuals were relieved from the burden of paying window tax. These were mainly poor people defined as per the living standards of the times when this tax was imposed. They could include home owners who matched the definition.

Windows tax has some positives and negatives. A positive aspect of windows tax is that it protects the privacy of the tax payers. Disclosure of private financial details is not deemed necessary in determining the tax due from an individual. Because this method of taxation was also progressive, it protected the poor from financially crippling tax obligations. On the flip side though, some people greatly reduced the number of windows on their buildings just to reduce their tax obligations. This effectively deprived them of sunlight necessary for unaided daytime vision.

UK window tax the history of an ancient taxation system provides a good case study for studying taxation. Both its merits and demerits should be considered. It was an interesting way of taxing people when authorities were grappling with how to administer taxes.

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Tips For Buying Used Cars

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

You can actually save money on used cars. This is because brand new cars are quite expensive and many people cannot afford. You need to buy a second hand vehicle that best suits your needs. Investing your time properly is the only way to save money on these kinds of vehicles. Consider the factors below when choosing a second hand car.

You first need to search for a reputable dealer. Ensure that the dealer has a long-term experience in dealing with second hand cars. Avoid deals from private sellers because their vehicles are sometimes not up to the required standards. Make sure that the person comes from your locality for easy access. Look for the address of the dealer and pay him a visit.

Let a qualified mechanic accompany you in order to help you examine your car properly. The mechanic will be able to tell you whether or not your vehicle is mechanically sound. You will then be able to know how much money to invest repairing that particular car.

Your vehicle body should be well examined. Tapping car body lightly can tell you whether it was initially repaired after an accident. A strange sound after tapping can make you rule out that that your car is not in good condition. Make sure that your mechanic is always by you in order to determine other defects.

Check for fluid leaks with your vehicle. Examine under the car very well to find whether there are oil leaks on the ground. You can also lift the hood and examine the engine oil level. The change of fluid levels in the radiator may indicate some hidden leakages.

Car testing is very important before doing the purchase. Subjecting used cars to road tests can help you determine the car condition. Make sure that you drive in different types of roads in order to examine its condition well. You should also drive for some hours to allow warming up of the engine. Listen for any strange noises in your car.

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Best Time to Invest in Tampa Palms, FL Homes with Real Estate Prices Low

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

When buying a home whether it’s your first or second the most important thing to focus on is the location. Because no matter how luxurious and well appointed it is if you don’t have good neighbors and important amenities, such as good schools, shopping centers, a highway that gives you access to the closest city etc. your home will not bring you much comfort or pleasure in the long term.

Therefore, when making a decision to buy a house, based on your social circumstances and your budget, there’s none better than Tampa Palms Homes for sale to settle down you’re your family. Built on 7,000 acres of land covering an area of 25 square miles, Tampa Palms, which is a part of New Tampa is in Hillsborough Country, and has been created with the idea of providing its residents the best of amenities and recreational facilities to help them live in peace and comfort.

Being one of the most popular residential communities located in a scenic background of 45 breathtakingly beautiful lakes and abundant wild life, newly married couples will be delighted with the idea of living in New Tampa Homes with its variety of different houses such as luxury homes, family homes or town houses based on their circumstances; where children will have the opportunity of attending the best of schools and have one of the safest environments to live in.

Senior citizens, on the other hand will find that the Tampa community is so right for them to associate and mingle with. Golf fanatics will no doubt delight in the Tampa Palm Golf Club, which has a prestigious guest list and various activities for their resident golf lovers while others can take part in summer camps, picnics, campsites and bike trails.

The sunny climate and beautiful weather make homes in Tampa Palms the perfect location for seniors to spend their lives serenely and safely. With everything they will ever need being found right there within the community, there’s hardly a reason for them to visit the city unless they wish to. Seniors can use their leisure time to walk in the beautifully landscaped gardens or share a glass of beer with friends in the evenings.

Jobs are a plenty in the area with several new communities coming up in Tampa, and those residing in the area will have no trouble finding something to do in accordance with their knowledge and experience. It could be in community development, teaching, and nursing or even in construction where new people are always needed. Shopaholics and fitness fanatics will also be quite happy because there are more than enough shopping arcades and sports centers to keep everyone active and on the go.

With more people investing in Tampa Palms in order to take advantage of the low housing prices as a result of the crash in the Florida economy, a steady increase in the population can be seen. There’s undoubted appeal for most people who buy New Tampa homes for different reasons; some to occupy them, some to rent them out, and others to use them as holiday homes. Whatever it is, they know they’re on to a good thing and are making hay while the sun shines because you can never say when prices will start shooting up again.

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Quality Information On Home Insurance

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Consider liability protection as an important part of your home owners insurance policy. Liability protection will cover you if a visitor slips and falls at your home, or your dog bites someone in your yard. The standard amount most policies carry is $100,000 but most experts recommend $300,000. Carrying enough liability coverage can add valuable financial protection to your policy.

Update your home owners’ insurance policy regularly. Your original insurance policy took the original number of bedrooms, bathrooms, construction type and location into consideration. Contact your insurance agent every time you make significant improvements on your home, such as added a swimming pool or increased the number of rooms, so they can reimburse you for the repair costs that might occur.

If your home is damaged in a fire or other disaster, you’ll need a place to stay until it is repaired. Find out if your homeowner’s insurance covers hotel stays or other lodging. Read your policy carefully to determine if you’re covered, and find how much you’d have to spend to get this coverage if you aren’t.

If a tree falls on your property and does not block access to your home, you are liable for the cost of having it removed. You can purchase additional insurance which will not only cover the cost of removing the tree from your property, but also the cost of replacing the tree itself.

Consider adding a personal article floater to your home owners insurance policy. This will cover a large price tag item, such as jewelry or artwork, in the event of a house related claim. Though your general policy will cover some belongings, if you have a big ticket item the policy alone might not be enough. Discuss this with your agent to make sure your coverage is adequate.

In order to get the best rates on home owner’s insurance, it is essential to maintain good credit or repair bad credit. Insurance companies look upon bad credit as an indication of how likely they are to lose money while insuring you, and you will pay more for a policy.

When creating a photo inventory of your home for your home owner’s insurance, make sure you use a color digital camera which has a flash. Another option is to use a digital video camera so you can move smoothly from item to item and take a full pan of your room.

You can lower your annual premium by 5% or more with the simple installation of a monitored security alarm. Whether it is connected directly to your local police station or the security company, this type of alarm saves property and people and will also save you a lot of money. Look for promotions from the major alarm system companies or call them directly to possibly negotiate a good deal.

Insurance companies, even if they’re completely trustworthy, want you to buy their most expensive product. It’s how they stay in business. So be sure that you’re using these tips to save on your bottom line without having to give up on protection features which will come in handy in case your home is damaged.

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Advantages of Owning a Green Home

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Are you trying to find details about new houses that may assist you to leave your “green” footprint on earth? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the best place. Let me briefly information you as to what you should be looking for while you wish to purchase one in all these cost-effective dwellings.

Simply put, there are two basic advantages to possessing a green home. First, they seem to be a lot better selection for the environment and your family members, and second, they are extraordinarily cost-effective and can save you tons of cash over the years.

So, what do these monetary savings entail?

A green house will have excellent insulation, with closing of all cracks and spaces where air could sneak through. This truth will scale back your heating and cooling costs significantly.

Green home equipment, lighting and windows will keep utility bills way down.

Position your green house to take the best benefit of the sun’s light and heat.

The setup of low flush toilets, new faucets, an upgraded water heater intelligent landscaping can be certain that your home makes the most cost-effective use of water.

A green home will be constructed of the very best high quality supplies: those which can be sturdy and would require fewer expensive repairs.

Many more individuals are purchasing new homes which can be more energy saving, so one bought now will solely enhance in value over the subsequent years.

There are numerous fitness advantages to a green home. Supplies are durable, fair enough, yet they’re also freed from toxins. This helps to scale back health issues brought on by the buildup of mold, mildew and bacteria, as well as improving ventilation.

It goes without stating that new homes that are environmentally good are safer for the surroundings and uses less energy than your commonplace home.

A green home will utilize recycled materials, additional conserving our environment.

In the meantime, we’re discussing the benefits of latest properties that are built green to assist our over-taxed planet. However, we mustn’t discount the truth that you may as well make remarkable changes to your existing home as well. Modifications such as sealing each crack, particularly round home windows where cold air can seep in in the course of the winter will benefit your current residence as well.

And there are many things you are able to do to improve the within quality too. Use of correct ventilation is vital. In case you’re considering of repainting any portion of your house’s interior, there are plenty of paints produced without harmful chemicals that produce toxins and cut back your air quality.

Probably of biggest importance, there are many methods you need to educate yourself once you own and operate a green home. That’s simply as important as having one constructed in the first place.

It is important, if you find yourself contemplating new properties which might be environmentally viable, that you search out a NAHB-certified green housebuilder. By doing so, you will guarantee yourself and your loved ones that your next house will meet the entire necessities to assist save the earth. In spite of everything, you’re really paying two mortgages one on the house you reside in and one on planet earth. Let’s make certain your premium and investment is one of the best you may get, for everyone.

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Establishing an Ideal Working Relationship With a Real Estate Agent

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

It’s honest to say that the connection between most people and estate agents is not exactly the strongest; years of shattered promises, unhappy experiences and undervalued homes have led to the type of begrudging have-to-do-it relationship normally reserved for tired and weary couples ’staying together for the children’.

Does it have to be like this though? Absolutely selling a home would be a lot simpler if we got along in harmony? Not essentially a deep-seated love, but no less than a pleasant relationship through which we want the very best for every other. The delicate relationship has gone on for too long – it’s time to learn to love real estate agents.

As with every relationship, the first step to rehabilitation is admitting we tend to mutually have our issues. Estate brokers, on the entire, have suffered for the practises of a few – the unscrupulous brokers out for money who care more about wallets rather than homes.

Maybe they have been guilty of twisting the reality too; being a middleman when one wasn’t required. However they’ve modified; legislation has seen to that. On our side, we need to admit we’ve been a bit harsh on estate agents – perhaps within the intensity of the moment, when we’re most careworn about shifting house, we’ve been too fast accountable estate agents.

The second step to fixing our issues to think about what we provide one another and why we need to keep together. Let’s be trustworthy with ourselves; we won’t promote a house by ourselves. Estate agents have at all times been there to assist us along and ensure we have not under- or overvaluing our property. They know their area’s property market like the back of their hand. In spite of everything, they are paid to.

They also know all the precise folks, and have the price range to get our house marketed to all the correct people. They will afford newspaper adverts, they know who might be fascinated by our homes and better of all, they’ve got intensive databases of potential buyers.

For consumers, estate agents have been a guiding hand into typically uncharted worlds. Think about if you were viewing your first home in a scary new city. The real estate agents know local areas and can provide you guidance. Okay, so they may have some vested pursuits, but on the entire, making you feel comfortable and educated about a space assists them make a sale.

We have to be honest with ourselves and say we have not always acted truthfully with our brokers either. We’ve tried to negotiate knockdown charges after which wondered why our service hasn’t been as wonderful as usual. We need to realise that we won’t attempt to trick estate agents and an open, mutually honest relationship is beneficial to each of us.

Have you ever signed a contract without reading the small print after which felt tied down to poor service? Consider that this may be our fault – after all, as much as you may assume an ‘estate agent’ tried to ‘cover’ something, they didn’t. You simply ignored it. By rigorously studying contracts, we can be sure that we aren’t tying ourselves down to something we’re unsure about.

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