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How The Electronic Locks Operate

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Electronic locks precisely known as electric locks are locking devices that operate by using electric current. An electric lock is sometimes made to be stand alone with a control segment mounted on the lock directly. Most of the time an electric lock is connected to a system of access control. This latter kind of lock is advantageous in that it has key control. This means that keys are removed or added without having to re-key the cylinder of the lock. Another advantage is quality access control where place and time are parameters to consider. The lock also has logs of its transactions meaning it records its activities.

An electric lock is designed to use magnets, motors or solenoids to activate the lock by cutting or supplying power. Sometimes a lock is operated with as much ease as operating a switch. An example is an intercom door used in apartments. Other times it get complex as an access control system based on biometrics.

There are various types of locks. The magnetic lock is the most common. A large electromagnet is put on the door frame and an armature is put on the door. If current is fed to the magnet the door is closed because the armature is attracted to the magnet.

Another type of lock is the electric strike. It is also known as the latch release and it is made up of a latch and a latch bolt. It was made as a replacement of the standard strike and it is relatively easy to install. The electric mortise and cylindrical lock was made as a replacement of the mounted mechanical latches. This lock requires holes to be made in the door for wires to pass current.

Another type of latch is a motor lock. This lock is more prevalent in Europe. It has two modes. These are day mode which is designed for the latch to operate only and night mode where a dead bolt operates to increase security.

There are various methods of authentication designed to work with electric latches. The most common is pass-phrases, passwords and numerical codes. To deactivate the lock the correct combination must be input using a keypad. Use of security tokens is another method of authentication. Tokens are swiped or scanned to open locks. A more complex method of authentication utilizes biometrics. This is technology that uses fingerprints, voice prints, retina scans and iris scans.

Radio frequency identification is another method of authentication. The RFID is incorporated into a person or an animal for tracking using radio waves. This method is used in electronic locks and some tags can even be detected from a distance.

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Essential Facts About Keyless Door Locks

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

For a homeowner or the proprietor of a business, lost keys can result in wasted time and money. Those who find themselves in this situation may have to pay locksmith in order to gain entrance to their home or office. Keyless door locks eliminate such situations, as they do not require one to carry a key in order to gain entrance to their home or place of business.

In addition, such devices offer a higher level of personal safety than their traditional counterparts. This is because it is no longer necessary to hesitate in an entryway in order to find the appropriate key and therefore give robbers an opportunity. The following are some important facts concerning locking systems of this type and how to select such a lock.

There are numerous options from which one can select the best keyless door locks. These include models that function through remote access, fingerprint or biometric models, or simple keypad models. There are also systems that are computer-controlled and provide access to one’s office or home from a central computer.

As their name indicates, keypad models allow home, car or office access through punching in a pin code. Biometric systems are designed to recognize a particular fingerprint. If the latter fails to match up with that of the one for whom the device was programed, the individual be denied access.

Devices that operate by remote control generally use radio frequency technology to deny or allow entrance. The model chosen will depend upon the buyer’s budget and personal preferences. Computer-controlled models are in the middle of the price range, while biometric models can be very expensive. The least expensive model is the keypad model.

As with any new technology there are pros and cons associated with keyless locks. For instance, if one forgets his or her pin code or the remote battery becomes defective or dies it can present a considerable inconvenience for the homeowner or business proprietor. Additionally, models that are computer-controlled can fail if malware or a virus is present in the system.

There are many reasons a person may have for investing in such a device. Therefore, it is essential to examine the particular features of each device one is considering before a transaction is made. The consumer should select a lock with casings made from alloy or durable steel, as these can resist the hammering, prying and other activities that intruders may attempt in order to gain access.

One should also compare features such as bypass circuits and battery backup devices that offer additional safety and versatility. Other safety features should also be sought, such as a built-in alarm that will alert the business proprietor or homeowner that someone is attempting to intrude. When the appropriate keyless door locks are acquired, one will experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing his or her home or office is protected from intruders.

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Finding a secure van lock

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

When it comes to securing your van you’ll want to make sure you’ve done as much as you can to stop thieves getting inside. If you don’t you can look forward to having to replace the items – with nothing to guarantee your insurance will pay it back at a later date – and explaining to clients why you weren’t able to fulfil your commitments.

But finding a secure lock isn’t quite as simple as just looking to see which locks have got the five-star reviews – there are different types of van locks that may or may not be suitable for your type of business.

A slamlock is a type of lock that works automatically, without any input needed from a driver, when a door is closed. This could be useful in a variety of situations, such as if you were a courier that needed to be in and out of your van and often had your hands full making it difficult to lock the door manually. Meanwhile, if your van usually contains highly expensive items that it’s crucial to keep safe, the guarantee of a lock every time your door shuts could be priceless.

If you don’t want a door that will automatically lock there are other options, such as a deadlock. While your van may already have a deadlock you might want something more secure, especially if you use cannot remove items from your vans at night and are worried about criminals with the luxury of time.

Lastly, there are diablocks. These are not really appropriate for a lot of self-employed van drivers, but for businesses with a collection of vans transporting high value goods diablocks provide the benefit of offering remote locking. Regardless of the type of lock you get, they can all provide the added security that will protect your vehicle and livelihood.

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Fundamentals Of Electronic Locks Today

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Electronic locks require electricity supply to function. They are mostly utilized in association with access control systems on structures and other expensive properties. In this case, they aid record transactions on doors and place and time become important factors. They may at times be stand-alones having electronic control assemblies fixed on the locks.

They use magnets, motors or solenoids to achieve their function. They either supply or cut down the supply of power to the system. Operating them may be simple by use of switches or may need computations based on biometric access control systems.

There are a number of makes of these goods on the market nowadays. Some of them comprise electrified exit hardware, magnetic locks, electric strikes, motor operated, electrified mortise and cylindrical locks. Most have seen enhancements since they were discovered and totally rely on electric energy sources to function.

The magnetic types entail installation of a large magnet and a matching armature. This armature is held on the magnet so as to keep the entrance closed. Their installation is simple. They have a few shortcomings such as the need to open the lock when both exiting and entering the house. This has made fire departments to enforce strict laws on their employment. They also unlock when electricity fails and may have a lengthy drag time. This may leave the door open for a longer time enabling unauthorized users to enter. They are not very secure where stern security is required.

Electrified exit hardware devices are mostly utilized in fire-exit applications. Their other names are panic hardware or crash bars. One only has to push the bar to unlock the entrance. This has made them the most simple to use in cases of fire. Their main disadvantage is the demand for complex skills to set up and maintain for proper functionality.

There are various authentication ways for unlocking them. Among them being the use of passphrases, numerical codes and passwords. The exact code must be input to disable the system. Many code combinations are 4 to 6 characters long. There is a keypad for entering the code and they make some sound for each entry.

Another technique uses security tokens. Clients interact a smart card with the devices for confirmation. Others use biometrics and radio frequency identification. Latest technologies use such methods as retinal, fingerprint or iris scanning. Voiceprint has become common lately. Electronic locks are safe and inexpensively obtainable. They offer safety to high value goods in commercial buildings. They may also include alarm systems.

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What to look for when looking for a Tauranga locksmith

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Anyone moving to Tauranga should prioritise contacting a locksmith. Why worry about someone else having a keycode, key or an easy entrance through your window.

Don’t be caught out so be sure to change your locks, cut new keys, check your windows and get bolts attached by a locksmith promptly on buying a new house. It would be such a shame if you became a victim of crime in the lovely Tauranga or Mount Manganui areas so make sure you call a Tauranga locksmith soon.

Another security precaution you can get your locksmith to work on is installing deadbolts on your home. A good locksmith in Tauranga will easily put in one of these security godsends which are locked by keys on both the inside and outside of your home and are independent of the door handle. Don’t worry about your toddler escaping up the drive, make sure your home is secured today.

Every home in Tauranga and Mt Manganui should not be without a deadbolt so call your key cutter today to make your house safe. It won’t trouble a locksmith to put a deadbolt on your doors.

Getting keys cut is another way you can ensure that your home is secure and this is where your can help. Don’t get locked out of your house by leaving it at work in Mount Manganui or if one of your family has got it in Tauranga.

Why pay a huge security callout fee when it was you that set off the alarm. Another thing that could happen is that you break into your home and then make it easier for someone else to do it.

Did you know that a good locksmith in Tuaranga will be able to increase the security of your Tauranga or Mount Manganui home by installing locks on your garage door? The last thing you want is for someone to steal your car, lawn mower or tools. Save yourself the hassle of making an insurance claim by employing a locksmith.

Tauranga, like other cities in New Zealand has a high rate of car theft so don’t be a statistic and employ a key cutter today.

Your car ignition or door also might have a fault and not be able to be opened by the key so talk to your Tauranga locksmith.Why peeve the boss by being late into work or worse be late home because you can’t get into your car.

Why worry about intruders taking advantage of your front door being open. A Tauranga locksmith can rid you of that fear by installing and servicing a security screen and peep-hole on your front door. This will ensure that you can see and interact with a caller without opening your house wide to them.

Hopefully its just Mrs Key from next door over to chew the fat but they could be a crim trying to break into your home. Why risk being another victim of crime when you can get your Tauranga key cutter to improve the security of your front door.

Need a locksmith even though its the middle of the night, get the friendly Locksmiths in Tauranga around now!

Locks – The History

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

History of Locks – People have always felt the urge to protect what they possess. They start by covering the entrance of their caves with stones; later they hid their gold and jewels in the ground.

And the next progression was the use of locks. These were first made of wood and rope. They served the purpose well, although they were not so nicely designed. There is a lot of historical proof which certifies the use of locks long before we could imagine. Even in the Bible (Old Testament, Books of Judges) we have frequent mention of locks and keys.

Types of Locks – In our modern society we have keys and locks for everything: our houses, office, car, the even bicycles. We even have more than one key for the same building; keys and locks are so much a part of our daily routine that we don’t even think about them.

But we do give it thought when we have to choose the appropriate lock and key for our needs. Basically we are talking about mechanical locks (based on mechanical activation of the keys) electro-mechanical locks (can be both mechanical or electrical activated, but usually the key is replaced with numbered buttons) and electrical locks (activated by a card key that has a particular code, programmed to be read by a card reader which is controlled by an automated central or a local processor).

How to pick the lock? – It is not as complicated as we think, but also not as easy as it appears in a lot of movies. Some say that this requires both art and science. We have to have a good knowledge of the lock mechanism and, some practice.

Firstly we insert a tension wrench in the lock (a screwdriver for example) and, with a slight pressure, turn the plug (the lock cylinder) like the proper key would have done (we have to figure out what is the normal direction for the key to be turned). It will help create a small place between the lock pins (placed inside the lock). Then we have to insert a lock pick in order to lift them up (like the proper key will do when inserted in the lock). Doing this and continuing to apply pressure on the tension wrench we will hear a slight click (made by the pins when they fall in the right position) and the lock will be unlocked.

For simple or uncomplicated locks we can use a metal hair pin as a lock pick. But professional locksmiths need an adequate pick tools kit. Basically this contains a tension wrench (they have different shapes and sizes) and several picks(long pieces of metal which are curved up at one end). Some can use an electrical pick gun (contains long pieces of metal and when they vibrate push the pins up and unlock the lock).

Re keying lock – It is quite simple to re-key a lock but it shouldn’t be confused with the process of replacing a lock. Actually it consists of disassembling the lock cylinder and replacing all the old lock pins with new ones, to match the new key. Then the cylinder is reinstalled in the lock!

When for example a member of the family loses the house key we can assume that a burglar has it. We should immediately re key the house lock to prevent a potential theft. It doesn’t cost a lot in time and money, but it can spare us a big stress. The same procedure is advisable when moving into a new house/apartment.

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When You Have To Have Quality, Call On Mobile Locksmith

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Taking precautionary steps to keep your belongings safe and sound is becoming more important than ever before. Business owners and homeowners alike are all too aware that security systems are critical. A Mobile locksmith may be able to offer sound advice on the best solutions to fit your situation.

Today’s consumers are increasingly mindful of the importance of protecting their families and their investments from break-ins and theft. This means many people are investing high-end locks and security devices for the cars, homes and businesses. Today’s security companies offer many types of products and services to meet a variety of security needs.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, a highly trained locksmith can provide the products and services you need to feel safe and secure. They offer everything from newly installed locks and security systems to lock repair and key replacement. Most services are even available in emergency situations.

Cars and motorcycles can be expensive, so it’s important to protect your investment. Having security devices in place can also help save on costly insurance. However, if you lose your keys or something goes wrong with the device, a mobile locksmith may be able to help. They offer services such as key replacement, ignition repair and lock cylinder repair.

Cost may not be the first thing that comes to mind when deciding how you’ll protect your family and your home. However, buying the right security system is an important investment decision, and you’ll want to be sure it’s going to work when it needs to. A mobile locksmith can help you pick the right service and can be there in the event of an emergency or in case of an accidental lockout.

The biggest concern for building managers and business owners is making sure that employees have the access they need, while unwanted intruders are kept away. It will be easier to make the right choices by seeking advice from a well-trained technician. These professionals will even install the equipment and offer maintenance and emergency service packages.

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, making an investment in protecting your assets is critical. It’s important to choose the right products for your individual needs. A mobile locksmith will be able to assess your situation and offer the best products and services to do the job. Once your new system is professionally installed, you can rest a bit easier knowing you’ve made the right choice. Furthermore, should there ever be a problem; you’ll know that emergency services are just a phone call away.

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A Lot Of People Are Seeking Interested In Locksmith

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Most of the household, offices, stores and even banks are using locks to secure the many valuable things inside this. And in most situations, these locks are the main one who believes to be the protector epidermis institutions that really have to be protected. And because of this specific many establishments today are usually hiring this complete locksmith to properly install some kind of security cameras and protection material to easily keep an eye on their business establishments

Talking about security, well, if you are looking for top level, fast and accurate security system that will not fail you on the things that you are likely to do, then the locksmiths is going to be here to suffice your entire protection need. These special types of protection services are all applicable in either in the following: house, banks, business establishments and possibly cars, that’s why this is actually great service.

Speaking of hackers, one of the advantages in applying this system is the full service which they provide to their clientele. If you need consultant or skilled technicians to guard and monitor your safety measures status, well, they have the people that you’ll be looking. If you need also some type of security advice and protection precaution, then they have one of the most accurate information about this kind of, that’s why if you’ll render their service at this point, you would never experienced worried.

Another thing that makes this method famous is the accessibility of the service. Actually, if you are looking about the best asset or easiest way on how this service works, well, you can easily thought it out because his or her system has this 24/7 protection updates that won’t make leave your life in the most peak risk you are about to face.

Talking about risk, well, if you will make an effort to render their service you might surely not feel raise the risk because they have now essentially the most modernized and most high-tech security system here on the globe. And if you would like that manipulate it in your, you will be offered a free module to be able to easily use their system and you will not feel difficulties due to the user-friendly materials.

So can you have the funds for to let yourself along with your family be put in a great danger Do you want to create the best out of your security ideas but don’t know how you could do that So, if your answer is actually yes, then you will not believe way now because the locksmith system are going to be here to suffice all your security needs and could gladly protect you when necessary. So what are you still investigating Act now and possibly be safe always.

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Thornton Locksmith Can Be Your One-Stop Locksmith!

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Safety deposit boxes, safes, cabinets and desks, windows, doors on cars, homes and businesses can all get ruined. Using a skilled locksmith you will have the peace of mind that you’ll be able to get the proper work done that will be done right and guaranteed. Call locksmith Thornton today!

All to often, instead of finding a locksmith, Thornton residents try to take matters in to their own hands. More often than not Thornton residents will generally first try to do things on their own before consulting a locksmith. It is more typical than you might think that an Thornton resident will first attempt to remedy the problem all their own instead of calling a locksmith. There are many people whose first instinct is to try to fix it themselves but it really does take a trained pro to do it right. All of those keys and locks and other mechanisms that are used frequently have various degrees of security, and need specific attention no matter if they’re at your office, on your vehicle or at your house and are made to stave off attempts at defeating them.

There are moments when a person will become locked out of their offices or homes, safes and other things, and this is never a good time. It is not as if there is an ideal time for these things to crop up, but they do and they happen quite easily. There may come a time when you are experiencing auto lockout, and this is never a good feeling. Any type of lockout will leave you wondering how you will get by, and of course, how you will get in and worry about how you will be able to take care of it and get in. Before you let the ensuing fright over take you you can help yourself by finding yourself an Thornton locksmith.

In virtually every case when someone tries to take matters in to their own hands there are more problems that arise and now they need repair work, resulting in higher costs. Various things get stuck in locks, keys snap, credit cards don’t work, windows become cracked, doors and the parts inside become ruined and this will always make a bad night in Thornton a horrible night. While it looks like you might be able to do it yourself you cannot ever substitute the correct work done by a professional locksmith.

Everything that has a lock it have the locks there for good reason, and that is to protect you and what is yours. You really can’t look at it any other way you really have to only let those who do it for a living, with their knowledge and experience, work on them. Any attempts to do it without help can really start a snowball effect of problems.

When your in of a quality locksmith, the best call to make is to Thornton locksmith. With their extensive residential locksmith experience, the choice is clear with Thornton residential locksmith.

When You Need Quality Locksmith Services, Call On Pearland Locksmith

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Each day a person uses these, going in and out of them in Pearland it doesn’t matter where you are, doors will be there. Pearland locksmiths are experts with doors and the level of protection they offer, on homes, offices and elsewhere. Doors are there for security and it is in the best interest of a person to learn which one will be the best for them, and what their level of security need is, and you won’t find anyone better to work on this with than the expert, a locksmith. Call Pearland locksmith today!

As mentioned, the biggest thing to determine what will work best for your circumstances. Are you looking for an interior or exterior door? Interior doors in businesses might require them to be glass, and at the home, where you want things to be private, partial glass is a good idea. For the sake of security there are good reasons to use a glass door, and the most important one is that it allows you to see exactly who is at the door of your house or your business without having to open the door first.

Wood and wood like materials are used for most interior doors and a locksmith is able to provide you the best advice on which will work the best for you. You will find metal doors in a large number of homes although for the best in cost effective pricing and protection, locksmith recommend wooden doors. There are many choices you have for exterior doors for example, the metal doors we’ve already discussed for commercial applications, and for the right choice for you, you should always consult with a Pearland locksmith.

As you already know glass doors, or partial glass doors, help with defense, as you will be able to know who is coming to your home or business since you can see through it. If you use a door like this be sure it is a strong and higher level security glass, and doors of other materials should always have a peep hole. Any time you are looking to better defend what’s yours you know that you need what fits for you, and the locksmith is the one to speak to.

For doors that you want to keep but do not have peep holes a locksmith has the skills to install them on doors which don’t have one. You get even better protection with them and they let you be more aware. Your local can help you with all installs, sales, repairs and service of anything you need from products to hardware.

When your in of a quality locksmith, the best call to make is to Pearland locksmith. With their extensive residential locksmith experience, the choice is clear with Pearland residential locksmith.